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Members (as of March 2023)
 Prof. Dr. Atsushi KATO
 Prof. Dr. Toshio OBI
          Deputy Director
 Prof. Dr. Naoko Iwasaki
          Member of Researchers
 Atsushi Kato, Professor, GSAPS, Waseda University
 Kazuo Kuroda, Professor, GSAPS, Waseda University
 Seio Nakajima, Professor, GSAPS, Waseda University
 Ken Miichi, Professor, GSAPS, Waseda University
          Advisory Board of APEC e-Government research center
 Dr.J.P. Auffret   Director, Center for Advanced Technology Strategy; Professor, George Mason University-USA
 Dr. Yang Professor and Dean, Beijing University-China
 Dr. Suhono   Professor and Director, Bandung Institute of Technology- Indonesia
 Dr. Magno   Professor and Director, De La Salle University-Philippines
 Dr. Lim Swee Cheang Professor, National University of Singapore
          Visiting Researchers
 Hiroko Kudo, Professor, Chuo University
 Naoko Mizukosh, Laywer
 Eiji Yamada, Manager NTT Data

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